Ethan Wood

Certified Pipedrive Expert

US Marine Veteran

& Dog Lover


Fur babies Leia and Luke



My name is Ethan Wood. My love of technology began as a high school teen, when I ran and wrote code for a BBS Server from my bedroom. After highschool, I joined the Marine Corps and served 5 years as a UNIX System Administrator,  a Radio Repairman installer, and maintained Air Traffic Controls radio assets from a remote location.   

Other than being a huge dog lover, I have a real passion for integrating automation software & utilizing technology in combination with existing systems to grow business.

As we have all learned from the 2020-2021 pandemic, new-age business requires digital optimization. Any business that is not willing to update their digital optimization WILL get left behind- there's no doubt about that.

At EWC, in just 15 minutes we will discuss the most optimal digital solution for your business.

Are you ready for your digital transformation?

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Born and raised in South Lake Tahoe, California, Brittany started her love of automations and CRM development in 2017 while managing an on-demand bridal beauty company. Needless to say, automations/integrations and project management were high priority and highly reliant. When the doors closed in 2019, Brittany left with a vast knowledge of programs, platforms and operations, and an everlasting hunger to learn more while helping small businesses automate their own systems to help save them precious time.

Small business owner. 

Pipedrive CRM partner.

Graphic designer.

Automation/Integration expert.

Licensed NV/CA Cosmetologist.

Mother of 2 terrorizing toddlers.

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From Los Angeles, California, Juan "Johnny" Vasquez is a self-directed problem solver with an aptitude for complex analysis and systems diagnostics.


Johnny has been in the field of Electronics Maintenance and Information technology throughout the years he served in the Marine Corps. Possessing integrity and a strong work ethic, he has applied these values throughout the nine years of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

After serving, Johnny has been pursuing his degree in Cyber Security along with establishing his skills as a CRM developer, automation/integration specialist, and well-rounded problem solver.



Lake Tahoe CA/NV resident for 30 years, Nokomis attended the Art Academy of San Francisco 2016 – 2018, New Media & Graphic Design Program (online). Experienced in Adobe Suites, graphic design, web design and CRM automation/integration, Noko will help your business reach its full potential with professional and creative input and problem solving solutions. Always working on continuing her knowledge and skills for your benefit, she will make your ideas come to life, stream-line your daily tasks and ultimately elevate your business.

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