Ethan Wood

Certified Digital Automation Expert

US Marines Veteran

& Dog Lover


Fur babies Leia and Luke approve!


My name is Ethan Wood. As a high school teen I ran and wrote code for a BBS Server from my bedroom which began my love of technology based problem solving. I joined the Marine Corps after high school and served 5 years as a UNIX System Administrator; a Radio Repairman installer and maintained Air Traffic Controls radio assets from a remote location.   

Other than being a huge dog lover, I have a real passion for integrating automation software & utilizing technology in combination with existing systems to grow business.

Business in 2020 requires digital optimization. Pre Covid-19, only 3.6 % of the workforce were working remotely half-time or more ( Currently, 80% of the work force would like to continue to work away from the office at least occasionally (


Any business that will not update their digital optimization WILL get left behind in 2020. There's no doubt about that.

At EWC, in just 15 minutes we will discuss the most optimal digital solution for your business.

Are you ready for your digital transformation?