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How can MailChimp tags be used as triggers

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, but it can be challenging to keep track of all the different segments and campaigns you’re running. That is where the tagging feature of Mailchimp comes in. Your contacts may be quickly and easily categorized using Mailchimp tags based on their actions, interests, or any other criteria you choose. However, did you know that Mailchimp tags may also be used as triggers for automated campaigns? This blog post will discuss how to automate your email marketing campaigns by using Mailchimp tags as triggers.

You may use Mailchimp tags to assign labels to your contacts and categorize them according to predetermined standards. For instance, you may designate tags for clients who have made purchases, subscribers who have clicked on a certain link, or contacts who are considering a particular good or service. Your connections can have tags added manually or automatically, depending on the actions they take.

1. Using tags from Mailchimp as triggers:

You may develop targeted campaigns that are triggered by particular behaviors or events by using Mailchimp's automation workflows. You can make sure that your campaigns are highly tailored and pertinent to the interests and actions of your contacts by using Mailchimp tags as triggers. Here are a few illustrations of how Mailchimp tags can be used as triggers:

2. Welcome collection

You can use a tag to start a welcome sequence of emails when someone joins your email list. A welcome message, an overview of your company, and some useful links or advice can all be included in this series to help your new subscriber get started. You can make certain that your new subscribers get the appropriate messages at the proper time by using a tag to start the series.

3. Reminders for abandoned carts

You can use a tag to start a series of reminders if someone adds things to their cart but doesn't finish the transaction. These reminders may come in the form of emails, offers for discounts, or other inducements to persuade the customer to finish the transaction. You may make sure that your reminders are sent just to people who have abandoned their carts by using a tag to activate the series.

4. Re-engagement campaigns

You can use a tag to start a re-engagement campaign if a recipient of one of your emails hasn't interacted with it for a while. In order to entice people to interact with your brand once more, this campaign may include a special offer or reward. You may make sure that your re-engagement efforts are directed just to individuals who require them by utilizing a tag to start the campaign.

5. Upsell campaigns

You can use a tag to start an upsell campaign after a customer has made a purchase. To persuade customers to make another purchase, this campaign may contain product recommendations, related products, or other incentives. You can make sure that your upsell campaigns are directed just to customers who have already made a purchase by utilizing a tag to start the campaign.

In conclusion, Mailchimp tags are a powerful tool that can help you categorize your contacts and create highly personalized campaigns. By using tags as triggers for your automation workflows, you can ensure that your campaigns are targeted and relevant to your contacts’ interests and behavior. Whether you’re creating a welcome series, abandoned cart reminders, re-engagement campaigns, or upsell campaigns, Mailchimp tags can help you streamline your email marketing efforts and achieve your goals.

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