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How Lead funneling relates to Pipedrive

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Lead generation is the first step in the sales process before closing a deal. But not all leads are made equally. While some could be considering buying your goods or service but not quite ready to do so, others might already be making a choice. Lead funneling is the process of classifying these leads into various groups according to their level of interest and purchase readiness.

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) application that aids companies in managing their sales cycle, from lead creation to deal closing. One of Pipedrive's standout features is its lead funneling system, which enables companies to categorize leads according to where they are in the sales cycle.

A lead is normally added to the system to begin the lead funneling process in Pipedrive. Based on the lead's level of interest and involvement with the company, the lead is then assigned to a certain stage of the funnel. The many funnel stages might change based on the type of business, but often comprise stages like:

1. New Lead: An uncontacted lead that has recently been introduced to the system.

2. Contact Made: A lead who has received phone or email contact from the sales team.

3. Qualified: A lead who has expressed interest in the good or service and is prepared to continue the sales conversation.

4. A lead who has received a proposal or price for the good or service is referred to as a "proposal made."

5. Negotiation: A lead who is in the midst of negotiating the terms of the sale with the sales team.

6. Closed Won: A prospect who was successfully turned into a customer.

7. Closed Lost: A lead that was dropped due to outside factors, such as a competitor stealing the lead.

Businesses can quickly watch the status of their leads and spot any sales process bottlenecks thanks to Pipedrive's lead funneling solution. Businesses may make informed decisions about their sales strategy, such as where to spend their resources or which parts of the sales process require improvement, by examining the data in the lead funnel.

Pipedrive additionally offers companies capabilities to automate specific steps in the lead funneling procedure, like sending follow-up emails or setting up appointments with leads. The sales team can concentrate on completing deals rather than administrative work thanks to this automation, which helps to streamline the sales process.

In conclusion, maintaining a company's sales pipeline is made easier by Pipedrive's lead funneling system. Lead funneling is a crucial component of the sales process. Businesses may increase sales productivity, complete more transactions, and eventually expand their business by utilizing Pipedrive's lead funneling technology.

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