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How Pipedrive Deal labels work

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Popular customer relationship management (CRM) software like Pipedrive aids companies in effectively managing their sales processes. The ability to label deals is one of Pipedrive's important features since it gives users a simple way to classify and monitor the different stages of their sales pipeline.

In this article, we'll examine more closely at Pipedrive Deal labels and discuss how you can utilize them to enhance your sales process.

What are labels for Pipedrive Deal?

You can use Pipedrive Deal labels, which are effectively tags, to categorize your deals in various ways. Each label denotes a distinct phase of your sales process, such as "Prospecting," "Qualification," "Negotiation," and "Closed Won." You can readily see where each transaction is in your sales pipeline by giving them labels, and you can immediately determine which deals require your attention the most.

Steps for configuring Pipedrive Deal labels

It is easy to set up Pipedrive Deal labels. This is how you do it:

1.Go to the "Deals" area of Pipedrive after logging in.

2.In the top-right portion of the page, click the "Settings" button.

3.Select "Labels" from the tabs.

4.Select "Add label" from the menu.

5.Give your label a name (like "Prospecting") in the text box.

6.Pick a color for your label—it's optional, but it might help you quickly and easily recognize your deals.

7.Press "Save."

This procedure can be repeated for each label you want to make. You can apply your labels to your offers once you've generated them.

How to use Pipedrive Deal labels

Using Pipedrive Deal labels is straightforward. Here are some ways you can use them to improve your sales process:

  1. Categorize your deals: Assigning labels to your deals can help you categorize them into different stages of your sales process. For example, you can use labels to differentiate between leads that are in the "Prospecting" stage versus those that are in the "Qualification" stage.

  2. Prioritize your deals: You can use labels to identify which deals need your attention the most. For example, if you have a label for "Urgent," you can quickly identify which deals require immediate action.

  3. Track progress: By assigning labels to your deals, you can easily track their progress through your sales pipeline. This can help you identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement in your sales process.

  4. Segment your deals: Labels can help you segment your deals into different categories based on their characteristics. For example, you could create a label for "Enterprise" deals to differentiate them from "SMB" deals.

Deal labels from Pipedrive are an effective tool for controlling your sales pipeline. You can easily determine which offers require your attention and follow their development through your sales process by using labels to categorize and track your deals. You can use Pipedrive Deal labels in a variety of ways to enhance your sales process, and setting them up is simple. Therefore, if you aren't already using labels in Pipedrive, do so right away!

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