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How JustCall can be integrated with Pipedrive

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

In this blog post, we'll go through how Pipedrive, a well-known customer relationship management (CRM) tool, may assist businesses in managing their sales process. We'll also look at how integrating Pipedrive and the cloud-based phone provider JustCall can assist organizations by streamlining communication.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Integrating Pipedrive and JustCall

1. Create a JustCall account: You must first create a JustCall account in order to integrate JustCall with Pipedrive. Your JustCall account details will be included in the welcome email you receive after signing up.

2. Integrate Pipedrive with JustCall by logging into your JustCall account and selecting the Integrations option. Click the 'Connect' button after selecting the Pipedrive symbol. To approve the integration, you will be prompted to input your Pipedrive API key.

3. Configure call forwarding: After the integration is finished, call forwarding from JustCall to Pipedrive can be configured. This implies that every call received at your JustCall number will be routed to your Pipedrive account.

4.Sync your contacts: JustCall and Pipedrive both support contact syncing. As a result, JustCall will have access to all of your Pipedrive connections and allow you to call them immediately.

5. Utilize JustCall in Pipedrive: Following integration, JustCall is usable in Pipedrive. All call logs will be immediately recorded in Pipedrive, and you can make calls directly from Pipedrive.

Benefits of integrating Pipedrive and JustCall

1. Simplified Communication: JustCall and Pipedrive integration streamlines communication for enterprises. Pipedrive allows for the making and receiving of all calls, eliminating the need to transfer between several tools.

2. Enhanced Productivity: Organizations can save time and improve productivity by combining JustCall with Pipedrive. Pipedrive automatically logs every call, so there is no need for human data entry.

3. Better Customer Experience: Businesses may offer a better customer experience by integrating JustCall with Pipedrive. The availability of all customer data in one location makes it simpler to offer individualized service.

4. Cost savings: JustCall provides affordable pricing, which can assist organizations in reducing their communication expenditures. Businesses can further cut their communication costs by integrating JustCall with Pipedrive.

In conclusion, connecting JustCall with Pipedrive enables smooth communication for enterprises. It simplifies communication, boosts output, enhances the customer experience, and reduces expenses. We highly advise combining JustCall with Pipedrive if you want to improve your sales process.

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